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Air Conditioner ManufacturersThe effects of global warming in the last couple of decades have had a snowballing effect and the biggest of all is the increase in temperature. If you live in areas bordering the equator line, then air conditioners are no more luxuries but a necessity. When you come home after a long hectic day and find this cooling machine not working it can be a source of frustration. Hot summers already do not have a very pleasing impact on your mood, and with that air conditioners not cooling enough can be a cherry on the top.

With the changes in trend of AC usage and climatic conditions, the air conditioner manufacturers have to take special measures to increase efficiency of the products and introduce new features. The competition in air conditioner market has touched a saturation level, but the bigger players stand out and influence the consumer’s purchase decision.

United States of America has many players in air conditioner industry, but the biggestfive US brands which has swept the greater chunk of market are discussed below.

  • The oldest air conditioner company to have started the concept of a cooling machine is Carrier Air Conditioner. The manufacture designed its first AC in 1902 and since then it has been an uphill ride for the company. The unique selling proposition of Carrier is nosound, sustainable quality and its durability. The brand believes in innovation.
  • The aim of Goodman Air Conditioners is to manufacture products for commercials and residential usage. This brand focuses on the economic aspect of the AC, since they are affordable and conserves less energy as compared to its competitors. Goodman has mastered the art of providing economic products over the last 60 years.
  • Another brand which offers high quality, classy products to the market is Trane Air Conditioners. It is a high end brand which not only keeps your thermometer down but also cleanses the air. It is a century old brand, and offers a wide range of products for commercial, industrial, corporate and even residential use.
  • Kenmore Air conditioner is only one product range manufactured by the giant company Kenmore. Being in the market since 1910 it offers a wide range of products including ACs, kitchen gadgets, cleaning machinery, utensils, heaters, refrigerators, burners etc. The company believes in environment preservation and this feature is incorporated in the air conditioners as well. It is an energy star rated brand, with a slogan of “It’s cool to be green”. The brand, saves energy, uses less electricity, cleans air and exhorts less harmful effects on the environments.
  • The last renowned brand of US is the York Air Conditioner. Although it is not that old as compared to the other players, but itrenders high quality services. Itsunique features are comfort and efficiency. When compared to other brands itsefficiency is the highest.

There are other prominent global players which make up rest of the US market. These brands are world class players, whose presence cannot be ignored. These air conditioner manufactures are Daikin, Hitachi, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, LG, Haier, DeLonghi, etc.

Air Conditioners not only keep our surrounding temperatures checked but they also play a vital role, in cleaning the air, keeping its users lighted headed and enhances the human efficiency. It is one of the best gifts technology has bestowed upon mankind.

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