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Central Air Conditioners Effectivenes

Is Central Air Conditioner the Smartest Choice for You? Central air conditioners have many advantages over room air conditioners; they are more effective, out of the way and convenient to operate. It is wise to choose energy-efficient AC and reduce your energy bill; just for your information, the average air conditioned home consumes more than […]

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Portable Air Conditioners are Trendy

Will Portable Air Conditioner Suit Your Needs? Portable air conditioners are a prime candidate if you only have to cool one room, small office or even a server room, and if you are looking for easy/non-permanent installation. You will be happy with your portable air conditioner if smallness, portability and flexibility are the main reasons […]

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All About Wall Air Conditioners

Is Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Right for You? If you are looking for an air conditioner that will cool your room during the hot summer months, you might find thru-the-wall ACs as a good choice. Bear in mind, that wall air conditioners are suitable for cooling one room and not the whole buildings. Because of cooling […]

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Window Air Conditioners Facts

Is Window Air Conditioner a Good Choice for You? While window air conditioners provide you maximum cooling flexibility (you are able to cool each room separately), their cooling capability is limited to single room. If you are thinking or cooling a larger house or building, you will need several such units, which will probably cost […]

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Air Conditioner Types

There are many possible ways of categorizing air conditioners. You can do it by size of the room it is able to cool, by price, by placement, by brands, by built-in technology, by additional functionality – cooling only or also heating, dehumidifying, etc., or as it is most common in AC industry, by basic form. […]

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