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Soleus international is an American based company with a strong mission to provide the best energy saving products for both commercial and consumer use. Its origin dates back to 1998 when three innovative and hardworking individuals Charley Loh, Simon Chu and Jimmy Loh formed the industry under the name MJC America. To say that the company started from a mere $50,000 would be an understatement to many but from that amount saw the birth of an electric appliance franchise that has caused mayhem in the business arena. On launching, Soleus’ focus was on selling Air Conditioners and cooling systems under the Soleus Air brand name. The profit realized led to the expansion of the production line to include commercial and consumer retail heaters, fans, ventilation appliances, outdoor living products like entertainment systems and dehumidifiers. As a result, Soleus realized a major financial breakthrough that saw them boast of a 400% rise in sales in the year 2002 to 2006. The company’s products have received massive recognition and are a common talk in offices and residential homes. Much of this success is owed to the company’s specialty in HVAC products for commercial use. Moreover, the company has beat complacency by constantly coming up with improved products and technological advancement to maintain customer loyalty. The Micathermic and Reflective heaters are a great testimony to this.

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