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The Hessaire 5,300 CFM Evaporative Cooler is compact in size, pleasing in aesthetics, and the performance exceeds coolers of a much larger size. This performance is achieved through expanding air-intake areas to the hi-density XeL50 rigid media. These coolers have 3 media panels instead of a single panel found on most mobile coolers. 3 panels allow more air-intake area and reduce pre-rotation of the air to the prop, which translates into lower static pressure and more efficient air delivery to the prop. The hi-density XeL50 media provides 80% more evaporation surface compared to regular density media. This means higher evaporation efficiency and cooler temperatures. Patented axial prop is energy efficient and throws cool air farther. Features an oscillating design for maximum cooling. Molded with a polypropylene resin, creating a strong, yet lightweight design. Prop is designed to deliver a hi-velocity of air to you quietly. 1 year warranty.


  • 3 – sided air intake
  • Oscillation
  • Low operating cost
  • Tool tray
  • Garden hose adapter


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