For 127 years, Friedrich has been in the business of making people more comfortable. Today the company is known for manufacturing premium room air conditioning and cooling/heating products, but back in 1883, Friedrich’s founders were first interested in designing furniture from the horns of longhorn cattle. By 1950, Friedrich had become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment. To capitalize on this well-deserved reputation, the company entered the field of room air conditioners. The most recognizable products are Friedrich room (window or through-the-wall) air conditioners, known for their quality and dependability. Quite a few of these original units are still in operation some five decades later. In 2006, Friedrich began production at a new, state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico in order to remain the sole North American manufacturer of room air conditioners. In 2010, a new line of Friedrich room air conditioners, Kuhl and Kuhl+, entered the marketplace. Not only are the Kuhl products technologically advanced but they also feature a sleek design and interchangeable front panels in six designer colors – a concept that no other U.S. manufacturer currently offers. Many of the features in the new Friedrich products allow consumers to program settings and maximize energy savings. In addition to its own efforts at energy conservation, Friedrich is a proud partner of ENERGY STAR, one of the world’s leading organizations promoting energy efficiency and sustainability and the company adheres to strict European RoHS standards that restrict use of hazardous materials in the manufacturing process. Friedrich is known for manufacturing some of the world’s most durable air conditioners. Friedrich air conditioners are made from higher-grade materials and components that delivery dependable operation for years. Some of their customers are businesses that operate in harsh environments where equipment just has to work. Oil companies rely on them to cool offshore oil rigs, and they can be found on military bases and in government offices all over the world. Friedrich air conditioners are in use at Northrop Grumman, Eastman Chemical, and the Kennedy Space Center just to name a few. If they can handle their jobs, just think how well they will perform in your home. Many of their models feature precise, programmable controls with lots of cool features. Sound levels as quiet as a gentle rain. Advanced airflow technology based on innovative engineering lets more air through as space increases so noise is minimized. Vibration isolating design absorbs motion and sound to reduce unwanted noise. Heavy-duty side curtains or solid masonite side wings block outside noise and light. Unique Comfort watch technology maintains an even room temperature by more accurately anticipating temperature fluctuations.

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