Midea Air Conditioner Group was established in 1968 and is today one of the largest manufacturing and exportation bases of electric appliances in China. Midea Group has currently 70,000 employees, with a dozen brands including Midea and Welling. Their marketing network covers all over the world, and they have a dozen branches in the United States, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Canada and Russia. Major products by Midea Air Conditioner Group include household and commercial air-conditioners, large central air-conditioners, electric fans, electric cookers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, water dispensers, washing machines, electric heaters, dishwashers, induction cookers, water heaters, cooking stoves, sterilizers, electric chafing pots, electric ovens, vacuum cleaners, and small electric appliances, as well as related products such as compressors, motors, magnetrons, transformers, and enameled wires. They have the largest and most comprehensive industrial chain of air-conditioners and microwave ovens in China, in addition to the greatest and most integral industry cluster of small household and kitchen appliances in the nation. Looking into the future, Midea will continue with a stable and sustainable development, in a bid to establish an industrial pattern of diversity, large-scale, professional, regionalization, and differential management. With their healthy financial structure and the obvious edge in core competitiveness, they will be primarily able to allocate and deploy their resources around the globe.

Midea air conditioners official website: http://www.mideaaircon.com/

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