Senville SENP/14 Portable Air Conditioners, 14000...

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Enjoy powerful cooling and clean fresh air in your home, with the simple and easy to install portable air conditioner by Seville. Providing 14000 BTU of power, the Seville portable air conditioner is strong enough to cool any room in your home. Also, thanks to its portable design, the unit can easily be moved from room to room, depending on your needs.


  • The turbo function helps the air conditioner to use its maximum output in order to make the room a comfortable temperature in the shortest time
  • The unit automatically converts humidity extracted from the air, vaporizing it and extracting it via it’s air vents
  • Our portable air conditioners include a no bucket design, which eliminates the need for a drainage pipe
  • 1 year parts replacement warranty and full phone support
  • System constantly monitors for abnormal operations Self diagnosis will automatically shutdown in case of any problems and display an error code


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