Various Parts of an Air Conditioner

What is an air conditioner? What does it do? Well firstly, air conditioner is an appliance that performs the process of air conditioning. This means that it alters the air properties to more of a favorable or bearable condition as you might say.

The process of cooling down air is carried out with the aid of basic engineering process that is known as the refrigeration cycle. However, in some cases evaporation is also made use of. When it comes to a very large scale like universities or offices, then this air conditioning system is referred to as heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Main Parts of an Air Conditioner


There are many parts of an HVAC system. We will start with some of the basic constituents. The three major parts used in the modern HVAC are the evaporator, the compressor and the condenser. Now the question might come across your mind as to where these are located? The compressor and the condenser like normal household air conditioning unit are located on the outside of the unit while the evaporator is placed on the inside.

What the process of air conditioning revolves around to be elaborate is that is heats up and cools down the highly volatile liquid it contains which is known as Freon. A step by step functioning of all the parts of the air conditioning unit takes places starting with the compressor where Freon is compressed into a gas.

As gas is produced, heat is generated that is blown outside with the aid of a fan while the cool liquid that is produced as a result of this next enters into the condenser. This cool liquid then heats up again using the heat from the surroundings to convert into gas once again. The chain continues continuously resulting in cooling of the surroundings in the final stage.

Other Parts of an Air Conditioner

The above mentioned parts are categorized as main constituents of an air conditioner. Added to these are some other parts like the hot coil that is placed on the outer side of the unit to dissipate the produced heat. There is another coil on the inside of the unit to absorb all the heat that is present on the inside. Coupled with these two coils are two fans that are controlled using potentiometers that complete the circuitry for the heat absorption and dissipation from inside and outside respectively.

Out of all, the most expensive part of the air conditioner is the compressor; this is usually the part on which warranty is given. The life of a good compressor can be several years along with efficient working. However, if a fault develops in the compressor it can be replaced. As for compatibility issues, it is always best to have the air conditioning unit and the compressor from the same manufacturer. There aren’t many companies that produce compressors; those companies which don’t produce compressors, purchase them and install them in the units.

All the parts; condensers, evaporators, cooling and heating coils can be replaced. Unsatisfactory results can be caused if any of these parts is faulty. The easiest part to replace and also the cheapest are the fans that are simplest strung on with the aid of screws.

The final touch to this appliance is given by the part known as the outer cover which is used to attract customers and is usually made of molded plastic.

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